Cupcakes & Mini Cakes

Cupcakes & Mini Cakes

Welcome to the magical world of cupcakes where every day†is a celebration!

From†fashion ...

... to fun!

They ... and our mini cakes ...

are all small but perfectly formed!†(3" mini†hat cake on a 4" cake stand)

Our decorated cupcakes come in window display boxes of 12 (minimum order) and are tied with†satin ribbon.† They are all personally designed†to your†requirements and no challenge is too great - it's amazing what you can fit on a cupcake!

They are freshly baked to order in a variety of flavours in muffin sized cases.†Popular flavours are vanilla sponge, which†have a centre of strawberry or raspberry conserve and a lightly whipped vanilla buttercream swirl, or chocolate sponge with a chocolate glace topping and chocolate buttercream swirl. A full list of flavours can be found on our Cake Information page.

A box of 12 simply decorated cupcakes with a buttercream swirl and an age, name, blossom or pearls is priced at £45.

Prices for the more†specially decorated cupcakes start†from £50 and the more elaborate designs are priced at £60-£65.†This takes into account the time taken to create the decoration and fine detail.

Mini Cakes

My mini cakes†really are†small versions of 'big' cakes!

They're cut from a homebaked slab cake (no†baked edges)
and split†into three layers, filled with flavoured buttercream

and fruit conserve/jam before being covered with a layer of†chocolate ganache and fondant icing.†

They're a good size and some can be cut in half to serve two portions.

Prices start from £8.

Custom made stands can be made to display your cupcakes and†mini cakes†or clear Perspex standard are available to hire