Flavours & Ingredients

Flavour is as important to me as decoration and I want a cake that looks good to taste good too. 

I use the best ingredients which include free range eggs, unwaxed lemons, vanilla extract, Green & Blacks Cocoa Powder, real Belgian chocolate and sieved Bon Maman fruit conserves.

I bake all my cakes, make the buttercreams/frostings and chocolate ganache.

The majority of cake tiers have a minimum depth of 4".  All sponge cakes are cut into layers and then filled with the complimentary fillings detailed below before.

With decorated iced cakes, the sponge is covered with a layer of chocolate ganache before the final coating of icing.


If there's a flavour not listed, I'll be happy to source and make it for you wherever possible


vanilla sponge with strawberry conserve & vanilla buttercream

or with raspberry conserve, raspberry liqueur & vanilla buttercream


chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream

covered with Belgian chocolate ganache (optional)

Lemon Drizzle

lemon sponge with fresh lemon stock & lemoncurd buttercream


Baileys sponge with Baileys buttercream

Chocolate Orange

chocolate orange sponge & buttercream with fresh tangy orange

covered with orange chocolate ganache (optional)

Carrot Cake

very moist with citrus syrup, rum soaked raisins, walnuts & coconut

Red Velvet

red velvet sponge with whipped vanilla buttercream


roasted hazelnut sponge with hazelnut liqueur & praline buttercream


lime sponge and buttercream with white rum & fresh mint


coffee sponge (chopped walnuts optional) & coffee buttercream

Black Forest

chocolate sponge with black cherry conserve, Kirsch & whipped vanilla buttercream

Some cakes contain alcohol which enhances the flavour - for example hazelnut liqueur with hazelnut cake, raspberry liqueur with vanilla raspberry sponge, rum with carrot cake - if you'd rather not have alcohol, it can be omitted



My rich fruit cakes include raisins, sultanas, currants, cherries, apricots, almonds and candied peel (optional) with VSOP brandy or Couvoisier Cognac.

I normally like to bake fruit cakes 3 months in advance so they have time to mature nicely.

* * *

I can supply nut free, gluten free, dairy free, alcohol free and organic cakes

please ask for details